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Short Version
Roadster enthusiasts selling parts and answering Datsun Roadster questions as a business since 1976. Same thing as Datsun Roadster hobbyists since 1972. Thousands of parts; ambitious dreamers one day; sensible professionals the next; packrat hoarding lunatics the next. Restored a few cars; dismantled a few; repaired a few, produced catalogs, put up a website, sold a part or two; answered the phone a couple hundred thousand times; sent a bazillion emails. Was laughing when I started with these funny cars; for the most part am still laughing. When I can no longer laugh that is when "Rallye" will stop.

Long Version

Rallye is a USA company that specializes in parts and service for Datsun Roadsters. We have been operating in Washington State since 1976 and have been involved with the roadster since 1972. We distribute Datsun Roadster parts to all 50 states, U.S. possessions, Canada, Australia, South America, Japan and Europe. In 1987 we received mail from Antarctica and had a visitor from Kenya, Africa. Finally we could say we were known WORLDWIDE!

We in many cases import parts ourselves or have them remanufactured for us. We buy tired or wrecked cars from local states and purchase new and used parts from all over the world. With new parts we try to sell genuine factory parts or in some cases parts from the original suppliers for Nissan. As time goes on this becomes harder and harder to do; however, we do not sell any part that we wouldn't use on a car here or put in our own roadsters. We have no interest in doing a service job twice, and we assume you don't either!

We've worked on Datsun roadsters for 42 years and know how frustrating it is not to be able to get that clip, snap ring, or other small part needed to FINISH THE JOB! If you need a new cylinder head or just a head bolt washer...If you need a rebuilt transmission or just a snap ring...If you need a new fender or just an emblem clip...WE CAN HELP!

We try to operate this business on a more personal level than you may be used to. Hopefully you will get some feeling of that from this website and emails you get from me; and I know you will from our catalog. (or would if I could ever find the extra 1000 hours to reissue it!)

Installation questions are GLADLY answered on your "Rallye" parts! We've been able to see our 39th year in business by providing service AFTER the sale. When you purchase a part from us you are not "alone".

If you need installation help with your Rallye part, we've probably done the job "once or twice" ourselves the past 42 years, and are happy to provide help. For many years we operated a roadster-only shop. The parts end of it just took over as people moved away and people in other corners of the globe found out there were some roadster nuts in Seattle that could help them...

People constantly indicate in a conversation that they feel they are "bothering" us by calling for after sale help. NOT SO! If anything, I have to resist the urge to keep talking to the point that YOU want to hang up! I won't ever "talk-down" to you or make you feel your question has no merit. And no one here will ever try to browbeat you into buying something. (Ever call a business and feel you've been in a hail storm after you hang up?) We've been doing this 40+ years and have never needed to sell anyone "the hot setup" or use pushy sales tactics. Must be my wisdom and charm; but SOMETHING has kept us too busy to spit (if we had the inclination to) for forty years.

My big fear is that YOU will ask something that I don't have a clue about! I have other vehicles I know little about, and I have to sometimes force myself to ask someone's help, so I know how it feels to be on the other end. So ask!

So many "American" companies love to send you off to India or Bulgaria when you have a question. No bored drones that run for the door at 5pm here...Be sure to email your VIN# and the invoice number of the part(s) in question. That will allow us to do two things; verify EXACTLY what part was sent to enable us to give you a good answer; and to hopefully cut down on abuse of my good nature, my meager brain and school of skinned knuckles; i.e. wanting me to solve a problem some other company is too lazy or ignorant to deal with. I'd be shortchanging our own customers who have orders waiting. I just don't care if the part you got from some place else doesn't fit or doesn't work. I hit the ground running in the morning and don't usually slow down till long after you "think" we are closed. If you bought the part from us I've got all the time in the world for you. If you didn't...

This is usually best done initially by email as whoever is on the phone will not usually have a good way to communicate with me at the time. I rarely have the luxury anymore of being able to just sit and answer the phone; I alway seem to be running from one building location to another or on some must-do errand. If I see from the email it's easier through the spoken word, I'll let you know when I'll be reachable by phone or will buzz you back.

In addition to stock parts, we carry performance parts, accessories, and also many kits and fixes to help your roadster live a long, happy and economical life. All of the parts we try to stock are listed in our CATALOG. Our catalog is far from just a parts list, it has lots of service tips and discussions of the roadster problems that can happen...AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM! (Sooner or later I'll realize I'll NEVER have time to redo the print catalog and will put the old stuff on the website) I was JUST about to find hours late at night to do it in 1998 when this website came from no where and blindsided me with work. My hands belong in an engine block; not on this KEYBOARD! That 10th grade typing class with only one other fellow and I in it really paid off. Girl-Boy ratio of 14-1 never hurts either.

So relax and disregard all those times you have been told that you can't get parts for your car! The availability of parts is still pretty good and in some cases getting better. The roadster wasn't in production long enough for all of the rough spots to be "engineered out", but with a little tinkering; you can have one of the best built sports cars around. More and more roadsters are making the journey from a dusty barn (or even a wrecking yard) to an honored spot in someone's garage; and if you haven't fixed your car up to the point where you can enjoy a long road trip you've missed one of the best parts of sports car ownership. If you decide to make your roadster a "museum-piece," or just dependable transportation, we can help. We have some closure periods which are listed on the OPERATING INFO page. During many of these "closures" we may be in and out, and sometimes only the phone service is suspended. Faxed, emailed and mailed orders may be shipped as usual. These times are used to rebuild components, procure parts, work on the long term tasks that will enable us to continue to provide you parts and service in the future, and to enjoy the people and pastimes that make life worth living.

Future? Retirement?

Since I voluntarily committed myself to this nut farm we call Rallye I suppose I could quit and go back to the real world if I wanted to. I've often looked back at how simple it was to mow lawns and have paper route at age 12. I could do that again; although most people wouldn't like me showing up with a 6000 pound mower and tractor...

I'd feel terribly guilty though, about leaving numerous federal, state, and county agencies to fend for themselves without my taxes to waste.

Sometime in most people's lives they start making a list--of what they want to do before they die. Not long ago they even made a movie about this; call "The Bucket List". I've been doing this and it really will take some time to complete. My entries; in no particular order so far:

Be a Shepard
Be a Street Musician
Have a Beachfront Cafe in Hawaii
Drive in a Demolition Derby
Hop on a Moving Freight Train
Have a Massive Train Set
Make Candles
Captain a Charter Boat
Teach Kids to Read
Grow Crops
Learn Latin or Klingon
Read all of the 300 or so books I have
See about 200 movies
Listen to the 200? LP's I have

Visit every car/tractor/train/naval/mining/forestry museum in the US and Canada.

Just sit in a chair somewhere watching the sunrise/sunset with the gal that's put up with me for 46 years.

Tip Over another Excavator (no other rush has ever matched it!) Nice though to find out I had better bladder and bowel control than I thought; although it took a bit for my voice to drop back a couple of octaves. (And I think I'm an "equipment operator"...FAT CHANCE)

Drive from New Brunswick,Canada to Alaska, and from northern Canada southward until I hit water at about ten different longitudes on the oldest/worst/smallest roads possible near the southern tip of South America. I'd like to go from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf and to the Atlantic Ocean without every being on pavement; or at least nothing but a 2 lane road.

Spend enough time on horseback that I forget my previous two unpleasant adventures on same i.e being thrown into the sticker bushes; and once being on a galloping horse with no saddle holding on to its ears,hair,bridle ANYTHING to stay on; which somehow I did. (Wife has had horses and is as comfortable with them as I am with a box wrench.

Actually LEARN how to play the bass guitar so I can say I PLAY IT instead of saying I PLAY WITH IT. When I learned the saxophone (or at least to some level) the concept of sound without written music to at least THINK about was foreign to me. After fooling with a guitar for 50 years I STILL don't know what fingering position makes any certain note. When I play with it; my fingers are on their own but they stop or get cuh-fungled up if I think about what I am doing...

Finally learn how to weld...PROPERLY...or even CUT with it properly. My neighbor used to cut pieces of cars for me that looked like they were cut with sharp hacksaw. When I make cuts it is just a trail of blowholes with warpage reaching out as far as the eye can see.

Visit all of my friends and family members until they actually ask me to leave.

Spend more time working on the acreage we bought so long ago when mere mortals could afford to buy such things. Rural as it gets. A couple years ago I saw a full grown black bear walk by and stop and look at me. I was 300 feet away but all I could think about was that there were no barricades between us like at the zoo.

It goes on from there...some tongue-in-cheek, some not.

So you can see there are a few other things that are pushing me to quit working.

When I started this I had no idea it would become our lives, that the demand would be so strong and for so long.

I "started" Rallye to keep the IRS off of my back and to have something to do during college.

At one time I thought I'd be happy to have Rallye make it to 20 years, then I REALLY felt I'd cut it off at 25. Wife said absolutely at 30! Now 35 years have passed and 40 years is staring me in the face. I have a feeling the cars, the parts, the great people and I am all going to fade out at the same time. It's still fun, so maybe we'll make it to 50!

I don't think there's anyone dumb enough to take this operation over, so we'll just keep roadstering along. We have always ordered inventory looking 2-5 years ahead. Parts availability is making that hard if not impossible to do, so if you want something drop us a note before we have to say "Too Late!"

Have a good one!


Oh, the name? People sometimes ask that. In 1974 I was sitting on my butt washing the wheels on my roadster and staring me in the face was the "RALLYE 180" name on the Uniroyal tires. Swiped the "RALLYE". Geesh I liked those tires. Nothing since; on ANY of my cars/trucks/SUVs has been that good.



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