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To send email please click on this link

Or type the above into your email program if the link doesn't automatically open your email program and address your mail.

Most email gets through just fine; but to prevent delays and help in the case our email to you does NOT get thorough we have provided the following. If you don't get an answer back from us; please come back and read this...

DO NOT ASSUME that because you do not find an email in your "In box" that one wasn't sent!

Put us on your ADDRESS LIST, put us on your FRIENDS list; anytime you are expecting an email be sure to check your SPAM folder, BULK folder, JUNK folder.

If an email bounces back to us because we are not "authorized" or whatever to send you mail then most of the time the order will just stall until you email or call.

Most emails are answered the same day; many the same hour we get it. Some email providers bundle their email and send it whenever they feel like it.

You may never see an email from us in your "Inbox" without work on your part... 


Please read the rest of this page if you would like to improve your chances... 


If you use YAHOO, HOTMAIL, AOL or many other internet providers the email we send you may be blocked. Even small providers and networks are taking drastic steps in their quest to stop spam; many of them useless; and can misdirect legitimate email from non-spammers as well.

The free email providers seem to be the worst for this. Gmail and MSN seem to be still functioning properly; but ALL email providers are doing this and your email situation could change at any time. The volume of email sent can trigger a problem; especially in a short amount of time. Us sending an email with "visa" or "shipping" in the text can indicate the email is "suspect".

Please contact your email provider if you are unaware of how to receive email they judge as possible SPAM. Some email that they consider spam (even any business email); is sometimes JUST BEING don't receive it and we don't get a bounceback letting us know this!

If your email provider lets you use "webmail" where you can log on to your account and check email from anywhere without using your normal email program, you might have to use that to see if there is a folder (bulk-spam-junk etc) that mail is going to. If you do find mail there you actually wanted, you should be able to contact your provider and find out how to get them to route it correctly to you.

If you don't get an answer within a few days drop us another email, (you may need to send us another email account;) give a letter to the stagecoach driver or put a note in a bottle and throw it in the ocean...just don't think we DON'T answer email.

Many emails are answered the hour we get it, and most during the shift that we opened it. This can be delayed the first week of the month (see Operating Info)

Once we send an intial reply; even an "inquiry rcvd will answer as soon as we can" or something and you get it you'll at least know you can get mail from us...

We will also send an email if you send in an order. Maybe only "order received, thanks" just something so you know it has been received. We'll follow up with any other questions/comments. If your email is retrievable later (see "Finding your email a 2nd time" below); we will also send the UPS tracking number when it leaves here so you can track package if you want at

If you do not receive such an email or an answer to your email either we have not received your email or you are currently being blocked from receiving email from us.

Drop us another email to check status. I get a lot of emails and hardly any get by me; but two wouldn't.

Or give us a call, send a postcard, put a message in a bottle, just don't think we ignore a rule we don't. *


Now and then we have email bounce back to us. Your email provider may tell us your MAILBOX IS FULL. Your email provider usually will show on your email screen how much "room" you have left. You'll need to discard some email if it is full.

Surprisingly we sometimes get email bounced back with the message NO SUCH ACCOUNT, NO SUCH NAME, or NO SUCH HOST.

In this case we are guessing you are using a name or account you have actually closed; or that the email provider has closed. Again, your email provider can clear this up.

Your email answer may be delayed


Emails back to you may be delayed
for any number of reasons.


We have had some customers tell us they aren't receiving emails for 10 hours after we have sent them!!! Email should be to you within 2 seconds of leaving us. If it isn't ask your provider WHY. We have some customers that we will email back and forth 5 times in 15 minutes.


If we need to access your previous emails we may not be able to if your email return address gives no clues.

If your name isn't in your actual address like:
You can put "carots" around your email address and add your name in front like:
larryfine <>
Or you can put your name in quotes with no carots around the address:
"larry fine"

Or you can put your name in the SUBJECT LINE

Larry Fine Parts Order

Question - Larry Fine

That way when I do a search later I can find it and get the question answered or the order processed quicker. Otherwise it will probably become "invisible".

Used parts may not be on the shelf and may be at any number of storage locations; some many miles away. The part may still be on a car as well. Typically used parts don't show on the computer so it is more involved to even check on them. We will still send an email note so you know we received your email OK.


Datsun roadsters are licensed as year sold which may not be the year it really is; and there are changes throughout the production year; so a VIN is necessary. When sending an email; please include phone number and VIN number The VIN number (same as "car number") is on your registration and title; on the dash of a true 69-70 and under the hood next to the hood latch. (Starts with SPL or SRL on Left Hand Drives, SP or SR on Right Hand Drive Cars). For help on vin and engine number location please see "
Identifying Your Roadster" and "Year your Car Really Is"

NAME & PHONE? Sometimes a call is easier for us, and anonymous email tends to get ignored.

If ordering engine or transmission parts it is a good idea to send the engine number along with the order as well. A lot of these cars have been modified or omletized. For transmission parts also add "4-spd" or "5-spd" and review the difference between "Borg Warner" and "Servo" on the website TRANS pages if you have not already become a "gearhead". :-)

We can't give a shipping estimate if we don't have your complete address including zip code (postal code if out of USA). The shipping chart on the website is good for most USA orders.

Due to time constraints, if you ask about something that is on the website your return email will just indicate the page the item is on. If you aren't sure if a certain part is what you are needing or can't find a part; please email any questions. If you need a picture of something that isn't pictured please email, we'll try to get one posted.



P.S. We used to respond to ALL email. Now sometimes we don't.*

Except to send basically an auto notice that email was received; as sometimes there are email system problems listed in paragraphs above so we at least want you to know it was received. I don't cut off communication lightly; or arbitrarily.

We have had to revise this policy as life on the internet has helped many people who have certain tendencies to go into full bloom.
We may not reply to further emails; without notice or further explanation if:

We've received emails or calls that are less than civil.

If it is an "inquiry" or we have had previous "inquiries" we feel have or have had an ulterior motive or we feel are for someone else's benefit. I don't mean when you are emailing for your husband, dad, or friend who isn't comfortable with email; this relates to people contacting us for usually other business people that do not have the honesty or ethics or whatever it is that makes people behave like NORMAL ADULTS.

Sometimes we will skip it if we've previously been asked to solve problems with parts purchased elsewhere. Whoever you bought it from is responsible for after sales help and it is beyond tacky to ask another merchant to solve someone else's lack of knowledge.

Sometimes we will skip it if we have replied before and the address becomes nonresponsive; we only respond again as time; if any; allows. People change their mind; I get that; what I don't get are people that can't be bothered to reply to sometimes even a fair amount of emails or work on our part.

Some anonymous emails we do not respond to either as we do not usually reply if someone drives by and yells out their car window.

For those "legal" types out there; I write again that nothing on this website is an legal offer to sell; it is posted solely for our own amusement. (that is to say we reserve the right to refuse sales or contacts with anyone; without further explanation.)


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