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We will be closed Thursday November 27th and Friday November 28th.
Phone availabilty touch and go this week; but email good.


CLOSED : 1st - 5th + Major Holidays
Any other closures will be posted at the top of this page as soon as possible.

In reality; we are usually shipping parts and answering the email / phone as usual. ALWAYS feel free to call/email anytime. Don't ever feel you are not welcome to call; I'm just trying to figure out a good way for us to get things done efficiently and to get the orders out as quick as possible.

Unless it is during a published week or more long closure; don't assume even if the recording says we are "closed" that you won't get an answer to an email. If you have an order here awaiting the charge info connection; we typically will still try to get you even though we are "closed". Letting us know a good time to call is always beneficial. Thanks!

(I used to think there was going to be a time when I could kick back and have all the time in the world. Why hasn't this slowed down yet? The roadsters are beginning to hit 50 years of age! Having a couple of them sell for over 50K this year probably hasn't helped my quest for calmness around here! Ha Ha...I do feel a bit weird when someone who knew me in the 1970s calls and asks (in shock): "You're not STILL doing that roadster stuff are you?"

SHIPPING : Monday thru Friday

EMAIL : Most Days 10 am - 8 pm

Many times when we may say we are "closed" it is the phone only that suffers due to running errands and completing projects; the email usually continues onward!

Emailed orders received on the weekend can usually be sent far sooner than if you wait until Tuesday!

Whenever possible we like to turn emails back around to you as quick as possible, in no relation to any "open" hours or days as you will soon see by the times you receive email from us.

Send it as soon as you think of it. There have been times when I've been moving parts from storage and taken a break and answered email at 1am...

And find out what your provider and your email software is doing about spam; otherwise our email can end up in your junk folder or whatever or you will not even receive it.

PHONE :*Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

10 am - 5 pm P.S.T.

Most weeks we will be available TUES-WED-THUR as usual but I wanted to throw the below out there so you won't wonder what the heck is going on...

*There are some large projects of a pressing nature we have been putting off for well; decades? I had thought we would complete them when Rallye finished 30 years and we docked; then it was 35; now we're into year 39 with no sight of land on the horizon.

So we are just going to work on completing them. It won't slow down our shipping; but will surely reduce the time we have available to stay near the phone. If you want to resolve things quickly; you can email. We return emails anytime from 10 am to 10 pm most days for those messages received during the above days/hours.

Any other periods of unavailability I will post as soon as I know about them.

If you call during the above hours on the above days please leave a message with your name/vin/parts and an idea of when to call; and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

if time is a concern ALWAYS EMAIL.


Also; beginning September 1, 2014;


Lately we seem to have lost those breaks in the packing etc to make calls back which is kind of frustrating since it's now only 2 cents? a minute to call! And we've had terrible luck reaching anyone. We are usually putting the hottest fires out i.e. the RINGING phone; so you will find it quicker to just call your charge card stuff in. We will continue to TRY to make those three days workable phone in days. If emailing an order and want to call the charge number in; fine; but if you can't reach us during our phone hours PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us an idea of when to call you using your local time. THANKS!!!

For charge card orders you can email in the order; name on card; billing address of card (where bills come to) phone#; parts list; vin etc. If you don't want to email the rest; you can call in the rest. If you leave a can't reach us during our phone hours; leave a message and we'll call you for the actual card number/expiration date and back-of-card number. You can of course leave a message outside of our phone hours but our goal is to get the messages received during phone hours promptly. We've kind of set aside that time for phone calls. You are of course welcome to do as you wish; I'm just trying to let you know what will work the fastest these days.

I realize this phone situation is not simple and as convenient as I would like; but we are struggling with our own time constraints and trying to find a solution so we can continue to run this hamster farm into the future. Counting a few hobby years we have 42 years with this. Sometimes I think; how much is ENOUGH? :-) I once figured out our hours and divided them over the years by 40. Apparently we both are over 90 years old now... :-) THANKS - - - - DANN

Please see ORDERING INFO for further information.


Since we first helped someone else with a parts or service task some thirty five years ago we have always had unconventional operating hours and days. Now that we can post any changes to the world in a few minutes it is less of a problem.

Since the roadster and most of its owners are also unconventional this has not been a problem. I had enough of buzzers going off telling me when to work, eat, leave; during the short time I worked as a robot at Boeing 40 years ago.

Sometimes we decide to work 80 hours in a week (or the parts orders decide it). Many times the "closed days" are Rallye project catchup days and we do manage to get email out. With so many people choosing to email it doesn't seem to matter as much when we are here as the emails come in 24 hours a day.

Spend time with your pets, your family, your friends and yourself. Life passes quickly.

Most of all, keep on smiling; it's contagious.



  • Name as it is on your Charge Card
  • Billing Address (where your card bills are sent to)
  • Card Number & Expiration date
  • 3 digits on back of card
  • Part numbers of items you want to order
  • Prices on parts you are ordering (so we know you are current)
  • Phone Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (also called VIN, chassis number, serial number) see website info pages if necessary
  • Year, Type of Car (68 1600 etc)
  • Customer Service number on the back of your credit card if available. This may cut huge delays.
  • Let us know if you want to have us ship what we have at the time, or hold order if certain items are out of stock at the time.
  • We will normally contact you with any questions via email; and send tracking info via email as well.

Any and all of these things can slow your order WAY down if not correct. When a card hangs up we DO NOT stop and go deal with it other than the usual procedures. The order is pulled out and held until one emails that night usually.

You can email or fax your orders any hour any day of the year. Call before faxing as that line is normally in use; we'd need to clear it during work hours. Some people find it works quickest to email the order and call in the charge card info. It works best for us if the majority of the order is emailed as it saves us both time. Your order is accurately received and is processed quicker as we have a written list prepared by YOU. It's hard to make a mistake from a written list.

Phone calls where you already have your prices and part numbers are of course much quicker than if you don't. This applies to both the call and time to shipment, as orders sent in already completed by you are always done much sooner then ones we have to workup ourselves; plus we have to notify you OF the prices if you haven't given them to us as you believe they are.

Be sure your browser is set to look at a new version of the page everytime you access the site, or manually hit "refresh:" or "reload". If your browser isn't set that way you may be looking at a version of the page you stored yesterday last week or last month. Parts and prices can change any hour of any day. If there's something you can't find please email me and I'll get you pointed in the right direction or fix the problem; or post another picture if necessary. I'd like to stop and put up another thousand pictures; just never is any break around here.

To avoid delays CHECK YOUR EMAIL now and then!

If possible send us an email note even if you are calling in an order. All kinds of questions can come up when the order is processed, zipping you an email at midnight keeps everything going on a timely basis. If we have your email address, we can send you the information so you can track the package at




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