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PARTS. Prices on website are normally current; when you ask about an item we check that right off to be sure but don't usually find it incorrect.

BOX. If a shipment contains a hood, fender or other large object there is a $44 charge for each shipping carton (box). One or two fenders can go in one box. A hood takes its own box. Many times some other large size expensive to ship item can go in the same box. Sometimes the truckline is charging more by size than weight so there is a savings there. If another part is put in it normally does not change the packing charge.

PACKING charge can vary but generally is $76 per carton for a hood or 1-2 fenders.

DELIVERY TO CARRIER (per shipment not per box) is $80 delivery as far north as south Seattle. Downtown Seattle (harbor) is $100.00

You are of course able to hire any carrier you want; but it may result in addition problems or delays.

Local Pickup of the unpacked part is usually possible to arrange to eliminate the above 3 charges. We need a few days notice.

For an order of this type we would need payment in the form of a US Post Office Money Order. We can usually clear them in 3-4 working days. Any other type of money order or cashiers check can add WEEKS to get verifiable clearance if the issuing bank is not interested in helping us. The only other one as quick is one drawn on "Key Bank".

Bank wire transfers are also possible but they currently incur a $21 charge at our bank and will sometimes cost something at yours. Those take a week or so to clear the system.



A. Call YRC (Roadway/Yellow Freight). to get an approximate quote to see if this whole thing even makes financial sense to you. Keep in mind this is only a general figure because it is only good for 7 days.

Cheapest way is from Depot to Depot. It will be shipped from their Tukwila WA depot. They can tell you where their closest depot is to you; or you can check what it would be to deliver it to your door. This can sometimes be problematic as they many times will be using a semi with a 40-52 foot box.

They will want to know the classification of the part; the approximate size and weight of the box; which will be refigured when they have it.

YRC 1 800 610 6500

Shipped from Tukwila WA Depot

Classification 200

Item Number 18660-2

Fender Box 68 x 33 x 24

Hood Box 48 x 52 x 10

Approx. Weight of Fender Box one Fender 55 Pounds

Approx. Weight of Fender Box w/Two Fenders 70 Pounds

Approx. Weight of Hood box 45 Pounds

B. Talk to them about insurance. Our understanding with YRC is the quote may cover up to $25 per pound and you have to purchase "Excess Value Coverage if it is more." Write down what they say along with the person's name you talk to and/or get something in writing.

C. Send us the money for the parts. Once that is cleared here we will get the box packed and again email measurements and weight to you.

D. Get another quote from YRC as you did above; this time you will need them to email you a "BILL OF LADING" which must contain a "PRO NUMBER"; they will usually also send a QUOTE NUMBER. It can then be forwarded to us; and we have 7 days to get the box to them. MOST of the time we can actually print the danged things; even with multiple computers sometimes we can't but we'll hope that is not the case.

E. We get the box to YRC and it is on its way to you. We will notify you of drop date as well as notify you when payment from you arrives and/or is cleared here.


Some people have found various online shipping brokers that sometimes even give you a better rate and do some of this themselves. I can't recommend anyone in particular. It has usually worked out OK. Some of these have sprung up fairly recently so Buyer Beware...

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