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are just that, empty. No head, cam, lifters, crank, rods, gears, anything but the bare block itself and the crank main caps.

They are just used blocks pulled from a car, nothing has been checked on them. Other than something easy to spot like a the result of a broken piston ring gouging the cylinder wall or having the pistons previously siezed in the block; they are have had NO investigation into their condition.

I don't know to what size they will have to be bored; to make up for wear taper or any other problem. ALWAYS have alignment of crank bearing journals checked. I never assume a block has it's correct caps. I look for things like broken off bolts; but one way escape me.

We have sold these quite frequently to locals; we can ship them but you are risking losing the shipping and packing if there is a problem. They are sold AS IS and are shipped as a benefit to you. We don't see a lot of problems doing this with used parts but they DO happen. We will not knowingly ship a part that we know has a problem, we would rather acknowledge the problem and sell them at near scrap prices or scrap the part ourselves.


SC 1 1500 ENGINE BLOCK, Empty

SCRAP ALERT. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY $44 including sales tax. This block is set to depart at the end of the month as scrap 4/30/17.

A bad example. We'd like to see this go to someone who may need it one day. This one sat with water in one of the cylinders, will probably have to be bored 40, cannot be certain what it will take to clean it up and make it serviceable. No warranty of any kind about anything. This is not shippable, you'll have to arrange to pick it up locally. At least two of the main caps are with it, if the other one isn't there you'd have to use your old one and have the machine shop align-bore the journals. Over the next few years we plan on scrapping out a lot of stuff and will try to post it before it is sent off to be part of a bridge in China.

DU11-10 1500 ENGINE BLOCK, Empty

This was a running engine, no signs of rust was on the valves in the head. Bores look good. You can buy it with the std. size pistons that were in it for an extra $100. Includes $40 non refundable packing charge.

SC 2 ENGINE BLOCK, Empty, 1600 3-MAIN

SCRAP ALERT. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY $55 including sales tax. This block is set to depart at the end of the month as scrap 4/30/17. We are going to reduce our storage space. (even if mentally painful)

Std size bores. Has two pistons and rods still in bores. Engine sat for 30 years.

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