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Although the measurement we list is for the middle of the "grab" area; the high spots between A and B towards the middle; a more critical area is where the coupling first engages the synchro ring (Point A and Point B). At this point there is the highest difference in rpm between the two parts so the wear is worse. This area tends to wear more but also suffers from how fast the person shifts. The faster you shift the more abuse this part and the ring takes; and in some cases even at low mileages you will see damage. Sure you can bang a transmission around; but you will pay for it. Actually if you really wanted to preserve your transmission you'd need to at least shift slow or better yet double clutch each time you shift. Nobody does this but people who own cars that know how much each part costs :-) It is easy to do; but time consuming and most people do it improperly.

Anyway; if you look at Point A you will see that it is noticeably flattenend on the tip compared to Point B on the other side. This was probably previously used in the 3rd-4th position. Fourth gear wears less since there is less a difference in ratio's between 3rd and 4th.

The used servo synchro couplings we have are all inspected for this severe wear pattern and examples like this are not sold. Wear is normal on used parts like these; but not like on this one.

This type of wear makes the synchro set up far less functional and can even make shifting hard due to the grooves (canyons) between the raised rows blocked by material.

Most of the wear between the coupling and the shift forks occurs on the fork; but we look at that as well.


32606-14600 Datsun Roadster Servo Syncho Coupling

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