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(same seat as DU87-8)

1968-70 DU87-7 with tracks
without tracks

A pair of 68-70 seats. Just cores to renew or use as is. These are red seats that have been spray dyed; or at least one of them was red. The drivers seat has the wrong pleat pattern in the bottom. I didn't notice it until I was looking at the picture just now. Sold with or without tracks. The tracks should be cleaned up and lubed; but all four move. Seat latch handles on the backs of on both seats work. Seats do not come with headrests; those can be ordered separately. We also have the OEM headrest hole plugs Nissan installed when headrests were not installed. (on Interior page in New Parts Sections). Seats are sold with or without tracks.

Seat does not have the 2 collar bolts that attach the back to the bottom and may or may not have the connecting strap. (Please inquire)

SEATS AND SEAT CORES etc are not returnable

SEAT INFO: Sometimes a seat's page will have a description of the tracks' condition. This is for info only as the seats are priced WITHOUT TRACKS. If the picture shows tracks, we will include them and they are yours for free unless specified otherwise. Most of time tracks on these cars are in horrible shape, even on cars we get that were recently being driven! They can sometimes be brought back to life, with a LOT of work. We also sell tracks separately in various conditions.

"GOOD" tracks are those that already move but need to be cleaned and lubed.

DELIVERY ESTIMATE UPS charges "dimensional weight". Currently we estimate packing and delivery on 2 seats to be $125- $160 in the '48 states. This can change and any changes will be noted via email before you order. We have a truck running around we can throw them on; meet you and save all that expense.

PAYMENT on used seats needs to be via US Post Office Money Order or at least for twice the delivery charge in case you don't meet driver and get package and they have to come back. UPS no longer does that for free. Delay factor for Post Office money orders is usually at most a day or two.

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68-70 SPL311 - SRL311 SEAT from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.