Datsun Roadster Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

Some years ago these have were recovered in black vinyl, these were in use in a car that we purchased.

Headrests are installed with their "legs" down into the pipes in seat as normal, but retaining screws are absent, so are the grommets in seatback to access headrest screw holes (DUH!)

There aren't grommets on the top of the seats either just holes cut for the headrest "legs" to go through

They have a few torn areas, lower right of drivers seat shown in picture, one corner of headrest, and back side of passenger seat, shown in the 3 pictures below.

Price is for the four cushions and the headrests. Does not come with tracks

These are just typical used seats we find in cars that are in still in use. No better no worse. Use them as is or restore.


68-70 SEAT PAIR, # DU87-3

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