Datsun Roadster Radio Console

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Datsun Roadster Radio Console


1967.5 RADIO CONSOLE #DU68-39
One used 67.5 Radio Console as shown. Main structure pieces are there i.e sides, front plate and decorative faceplate. Both lever control assys and their respective faceplates are there. At least one of the knobs is barely hanging on; probably cracked. Side trim "Ls" are there but need work. Unit is not perfect but better than most of these we see. Portion of cigarette lighter is there only because I forgot to yank it. Using an old amp-drawing device like that can risk your entire wiring harness and car to fire if the simple fuse doesn't do its job. Some old cables are also still attached which we are leaving on just to show where they go. They may or may not be able to be cleaned up and reattached on your car and be functional. The console main structure is what we are selling here.

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1967.5 SPL311 SRL311 Radio Console from Rallye Roadster