Datsun Roadster Rear "HELPER SPRINGS" from Rallye




Datsun Roadster HELPER SPRINGS

Fits 63-70 1500 - 1600 - 2000 #DU55-3

These are used; but they were used only once; to be able to tow a trailer behind a roadster from San Diego to Seattle in 1974. Just one easy trip up I5 and then they sat on the shelf for 42 years waiting for another opportunity to leave the building. I don't think with trucks and SUV's in the household now I will have to put a trailer behind a roadster again. Since then I have sold a few of these to people that had rear spring sagging who did not like the choice (cost) of new rear springs. When you install them you can set them to give just a little help or a lot.

These came from a time long before auto parts of questionable specifications began arriving from China.

Set shown does both rear leaf springs on one car.

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Datsun SPL310 SPL311 SRL311 Helper Springs from Rallye