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NOTE: "Darkness" or "Lightness" of wheels is just due to variance in camera angles and light. The wheels basically look identical when viewed together.


ALLOY WHEEL SET #DU40-24 "Wiremag" Style
These aren't wire or are they magnesium..."wiremag" was a name for a style I think originated by American Racing Wheels. A used set of alloy wheels; 14 x 6. Would have to be polished to look nice. There are companies that specialize in this. There is some curb scuffing of outer edge on these. (see pics). The most noticeable is on the wheel on the right. It is a closeup of the wheel in the upper far right.

Does not include lug nuts or lug nut washers. The holes for the lugnuts on these wheels are 3/4 inches in diameter.

The 65-67 cars originally came with a 5.60-14 tire on a 4 inch wide wheel. The 67.5-70 cars had a 4.5 inch wheel with a 5.60-14 tire (145-14) or in some cases a 6.45-14 tire (165-14).

Each brand and size of tire are typically designed to fit 3 rim widths; one optimum size and a size on each side that are "OK". Check with your tire supplier. You may find tire to car body contact problems when you mount custom wheels on a car. It will depend on the wheel, the tire, and how your car is sitting on its suspension.. Typically the more "dish" (negative offset) the wheel has when you look at it the worse the situation is. In some cases I've seen people add a bit of clearance by trimming the inside of the rear fender lip. The above wheels were on a stock roadster; HOWEVER IT IS YOUR COST AND RISK when going to a custom wheel that it will work to your satisfaction.

There is a tremendous variety of wheels that list they "fit" the roadster. Many don't; they just share the same bolt pattern. At least these were actually ON a roadster!

Offset on these wheels is about 5mm positive.


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