Datsun Roadster "Solex" Oil Pan from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



Datsun 2000 Solex Pan 11110-12210LEFT

11110-25500 Datsun Roadster Solex Oil Pan RIGHT

Datsun Fairlady High Capacity Oil Pan 11110-25500

Nissan Part# 11110-25500REAR

SRL311 SR311 SOLEX OIL PAN 11110-25500FRONT


Fits 63-70 1500 1600 2000 #DU11-37

We usually see these with the front end seriously bashed in by driving fast over rough roads and hitting the pan. This one shows it has been used but rather gently compared to most! We have cleaned it and also repaired the usual cracks in the steel "baffle plate" or "windage tray" that Nissan built to help prevent oil starvation during HARD cornering, braking and acceleration. We have also reinforced some of the bolt hold-down areas on this steel eggcrate. Any areas of the gasket surface affected by improper removal were repaired and a light surfacing was done.

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Datsun SRL311 Solex Oil Pan from Rallye 11110-25500