Datsun Roadster Ignition Surround from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.
Now in our 35th Year!



68-70 #484-24U & 484-36U

Also goes around turn signal switch. May have typical scratches or scuffs, but no cracks or chunks missing. Sometimes includes screws, sometimes not. Parts in lower conditions may be listed separately on the USED INTERIOR page.

Screws do most of the work holding the pieces together There are also posts and extremely delicate tabs. It is almost impossible to find one with all of these intact!

Above is the correct left hand drive cover that USA cars had; or were supposed to have had. USA/Canada cars should be like this; with the lock on the left side (door side) of the steering column. We have seen a few cars that we believe were not altered after they were originally sold that had a right hand drive cover on them. There are also cars that have had the right hand drive cover put on them later as Nissan USA for years sold the RHD piece as the correct LHD piece!

As I recall, moving the turn signal switch to the otherside made it work backwards since it had to be mounted upside down!

These come in two versions to allow for the differences in the barrel diameter of the lock at the end where it goes through the cover.

The 484-24U is for an ignition lock with a 1.250 barrel diameter.

The 484-36U is for an ignition lock with a 1.340 barrel diameter.

You can use the larger one with the smaller lock but there will be a gap around the lock. I have seen some cars with a trim piece around the lock to cover this. Rarely do we have this piece.

The larger hole covers also may have some extra bracing and/or support ridges. These may be need to be gently and carefully trimmed to use whichever of the many different locks that may be on your car; especially if you are using a lock assy that has the electric switch built on to it. Some or all of the 70s had a key buzzer that went off if the door was open and the key was still in the ignition.

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