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The value of of these is usually in the related components: ashtray slider lid; trim plate over ashtray slider, map light on 68-70s; lock with or without key, console lid bracket on console body, console lid bracket on lid. "RUSTY" means it has rust but seems to be structurally useable. "RUSTED OUT" means it is useable as a pattern or by someone who really is talented or likes a seemingly hopeless challenge!. The bottom of these get that way sometimes. You'd have to weld in a patch or a new bottom. Map lights may need to have their sockets rebuilt as well; or they just may need a bulb or may actually light right up. (more info in individual listings) So why didn't you buy a new console in the 80s when we had them in stock? I would normally tend to just strip out the little parts but I have seen some remarkable restorations done on these old consoles so are keeping them for awhile. There are a number of places that can refoam/recover them.

Rough estimate of component costs when sold separately. This is why; for the most part; a given ratty console will have a $XX price. These are approximations as any of the parts may be priced differently up and down when sold separately. You are welcome to request a certain console be sold without a certain part(s). Sometimes this is possible, sometimes not. We usually yank all the cig lighters as they are typically junk and can be a fire hazard. Cleaned and tested used ones may be available.

Map light construction is very odd...they work like the top of a ball point pen; when the lense it pushed in it lights; and then the lense pivots when released. The two parts that slide on each other have to be clean and have no burrs for this to work. There is an internal spring that has to be intact as well. Most used ones need some amount of rework to make this function actually FUNCTION.

Lid Brackets (2 brackets that are screwd on to lid); Used $35
Lock with key $96 NEW; Used: $55
Lock without key (have to have locksmith make key); Used: $30
Ashtray Slider Lid in it's Mounting Plate; Used: $30-$60
Trim Plate that Goes over all the above; Used: $15-$55
Map Lamp $194 NEW, Used: $35 (lense value) - $90

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