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1965-67.5 1600/2000

Sometimes the value of of these is in the related components: ashtray slider lid; trim plate over ashtray slider, lock with or without key, console lid, console lid bracket on lid...

These are all listed as being 65-67.5 consoles. True 65-67 consoles originally had bright chrome trim and lock. The 67.5 was finished in the dull silver to meet the safety clucks requirement to prevent everybody by being blinded by their lower door pull handles etc. No requirement in most states for anybody to get their headlights aimed but watch out for that shiny console lock trim ring!

Unless stated in the individual information on the particular console the ashtray is not included. Add $40 if you want ashtray cup itself. Most if not all of these consoles need at least cleaning and most need to be recovered; which is no where near as difficult as restoring the later cars' consoles.

"HAS RUST" means it has corrosion.

"RUSTY" means it has rust but seems to be structurally useable.

"RUSTED OUT" means it is useable as a pattern or by someone who really is talented or likes a seemingly hopeless challenge!.

The bottom of these get that way sometimes. You'd have to weld in a patch or a new bottom. So why didn't you buy a new console in the 80s when we had them in stock? I would normally tend to just strip out the little parts but I have seen some remarkable restorations done on these old consoles so are keeping them for awhile.

Rough estimate of component costs when sold separately. This is why; for the most part; even a ratty console will have a $XX price. These are approximations as any of the parts may be priced differently up and down when sold separately.

Prices for pieces which we may or may not have separately.

Lid Brackets (2 brackets that are screwd on to lid); Used $35
Lock with key $248 NEW (see note below); Used: $120
Lock without key (have to have locksmith make key); Used: $80
Ashtray Slider Lid in it's Mounting Plate; Used: $40-$90
Trim Plate that Goes over all the above; Used: $70-$90
Ashtray Used $25-$40

New exact 65-67 locks are all gone; 67.5 locks are nearly gone. For the 65-67 cars or the 67.5 cars if you don't mind a shiny chrome lock (67.5's came flat silver) we still have 65-1500 locks. These will work if you use the pivoting hook from a 65-67.5 lock. When we sell these 1500 locks for use on a 1600/2000 we include this new hook piece. You have to; or have a shop remove the pin and fabricate a new pin to replace the one you probably will have to grind the end off to remove.

ANY CONSOLE can have stripped screw holes or similar problems; that is part of the "fun" of restoring an old car. May be missing attaching screws, clips etc. All used parts are just parts pulled from cars; no repair work or refinishing of any kind is done unless expressly stated as such.

Selling used parts can be problematic; you don't want people unhappy but you also don't want to just throw away parts that are useable. The new parts are evaporating; and the used ones are starting to go that route as well...

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