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There are two types of synchro's used on the roadsters. The Borg Warner type can be on any of the roadsters, although Nissan information indicates they didn't start appearing on 1600s until SPL311-26315 and on the 2000s until SRL311-11757. Both of these VINs are during 3/69 production. A lot of cars have had their transmissions replaced which may account for discrepancies. If you look at the picture you can see the big teeth on each gear. Each gear also has a small row of teeth and then the synchro ring which is either a brass-toothed ring (BW); or a cast steel bracelet, (SERVO) with a gap in it. If you pull the pan on your 4 speed you can look up past the countershaft (gearshaft closest to bottom) to see the mainshaft which has the four gears with synchros. It's also possible to have 1st and 2nd of one type and 3rd and 4th to be the other, so check closely before ordering parts.

FOUR SPEEDS: When you decide which type synchro's you have, don't assume you have a matching countershaft, countershaft bearings and counter (cluster) gear for that particular synchro type. Some parts scrambling went on at Nissan. The "servo" type countershaft has one end that is cut into a half moon shape and has a diameter of .629 inches (16mm), the "Borg Warner" type has a pin through one end to keep it from turning and is .669 inches in diameter (17mm). The bearings are also different as are internal shaft diameters. Always pull the front seal cover inside the bellhousing to check the end of the countershaft. If it's the BW type you'll see the pin, and the matching pocket in the cover that it sits in. Same thing with the half-moon servo type. You may see the "round" end of the shaft if it's in backwards, or the half moon end, but not a shaft end with a pin through it. The cover should have a "half-moon" recess in it. The servo shaft can actually be put in either way as the rear of the case is designed to keep the shaft from turning as well. Servo type countershafts use caged needle bearings, the BW type uses individual needles.

FIVE SPEEDS: All of the 5th gears are the Servo type, even if 1st - 4th are Borg Warner. Although there are different 5-speed cases, this is due to Nissan's adding strengthening ribs and doesn't signify which type synchros the box has. I've looked at quite a few of these for any stamping numbers or something that is a dead-bang giveway externally of what's inside and as yet have drawn a blank. You need to pull the case off the internals to see which type you have. Even if we found a marker on the case; after 40 years things end up wrong. Even the factory did this. The first batch of 1963 1500s were "misplaced" and not assembled until the end of the 1964 production; and assembled using 1964 parts!

Some people have told me they have been successful shining a light through the filler or drain plug while looking through the other opening but that seems a difficult task. A mini-camera w/an LED light might do the trick though!


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