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Either type useable? A firm possibility of a definite maybe.

Although people have used either one on any car; Nissan says they are not interchangeable. Of course they don't mention how you would ever figure out which rod was which. We are just providing this information so you know what is "supposed" to be used. The late style tie rod ends and side rods have a slightly wider receiving groove for the boot to "snap" into. Earlier boots used a metal retaining clip while the later boots used a simple rubber o-ring. However; Nissan says the early type boot is appropriate for ALL of the center tie rods. This however contradicts what I have SEEN on all the 68 and later center tie rods; they ALL have the larger boot.
2014 NOTE: As part of Nissan's hallucinating parts price adjustment program; the later boots are now $172 EACH. I kid you not. We have some we have been able to purchase at an "unadjusted" price and will be selling them at that price until we run out. (about $38 per). I'm guessing that no one caught the change in design and made the update in the parts book which is normal as the errors in the "official" book are countless.

The "early" style rod and boot dates back to at least 1960; possibly earlier. The "later" style was introduced with the 1968 roadsters. Both types share the same diameter receiving area for the grease boot. The shape of the groove on the rod end for the boot to grab has a slightly different shape on the newer rods.

Maybe the redesign was to hold more grease? I'm sure the old sedan these originally came on didn't see quite the spirited driving the roadsters do. The ball joint boots were redesigned at the same time; to share this bubble type seal although in different sizes.

The early rods seem to have the raised Nissan Logo closer to the joint end of the rod. The later type's logo is farther away on the part that curves downward.

I have found things to be somewhat inconsistent with Nissan parts so the above may not be a valid point. As to whether the much more economical "old style" boot will work as well and protect the joint as well on later rods I cannot say.

Just putting the info out; as I used to do 40 years ago while I sat on the fender of some old beater talking to visitors; releasing my vast knowledge...or lack thereof!


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