Datsun Roadster Steering Box Info from Rallye.


Type A

Type B

Type A

Type B

On the Type A box by the letter "A" you will notice a drain plug. The type B box does not have this plug. At location "B" on the Type A box you will notice it has a second removable 3 bolt plate. The Type B box above on the right only has one 3-bolt plate.

The type B housing typically has a part number ending in "A3300" or "A3350" stamped in to it at location "C".

Looking down in the car; the top plates look similar; but they are different as shown in the below pictures. Also different are the U-joints. The U-joints are not interchangeable as the gearshaft inside the box are different diameters.

Type A Top Cover

Type B Top Cover

Type A - U-joint

Type B - U-joint

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