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The "Type A" yellow 16 tooth pinion is the correct pinion for a 1600 roadster if it has the typical 3.9 ratio differential. You can however use the black 17 tooth "Type B". In some cases using the Type B may make the speedo more accurate. The gauges were not very accurate to begin with; and forty years of use hasn't helped them.

Gauges typically read optimistic. The Type B will make whatever your speedo WAS reading now read about 6% slower. When it was reading 40 before it will now read 37.6. When it used to show 60 it will now show 56.5.

You can check your speedo's accuracy by having a gauge shop verify it; or use an accurate GPS system; or the tried and true method of running an exact marked off mile on the freeway at 60mph. If it is dead accurate and you ran it at exactly 60 it will take you 60 seconds to make the distance. If it takes longer or shorter you can do the math to see what the speed really was.

So depending on YOUR speedometer and YOUR tires; using the Type B may make things better or make them worse; accuracy wise. Much better price though.

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