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Originally all roadsters but the 67 and 68 2000's came with scoops that had a typical shiny chrome finish. The 67 and 68 2000 came with scoops that had a "satin" finish inside the scoop. (Some people call these the "dull"ones). You can of course use either type.

The current right front "shiny" scoops are the typical Nissan parts that were manufactured in the 80s. We just pulled them from storage (4/12). They are as nice, chrome wise, as any of the OEM parts were. They are not "show-chromed", they too will have visible lines in the chrome, but these are OEM Nissan parts, we're not talking Rolls Royce here folks. The early parts from the 60s and 70s were the best; for many parts the chrome or the prep work got worse over time; at least with these scoops. As with most of the later parts they vary in size (see next paragraph). These are not the early production OR the late production that were way off; they seem about 1/8"-3/16" bigger in diameter; no where near how bad the latest ones were.

There was also a lack of consistency in how the parts were formed over the years. The fenders varied as well. Some of the scoops will not go on comfortably in as a "relaxed" state as others, you have to install the screw on the outer rim of the scoop, then push the scoop in place, flexing it a little and install the "in-the-scoop" screw. You may have to reposition the hole for it as well. Typically you fit the scoop to the top and outer edge of the fender first as those areas will be more noticeable if there is a poor fit. If your fender has been reworked and the shop didn't constantly check the scoop fit you may find that no scoop fits. Making any of them fit perfectly is much easier if you're at the body work stage, but they all seem to require at least some work when originally installing them. We sometimes refer to the used parts as "Early Production" and "Late Production". It depends on how the part is located on the fender but in general the older the part the better.

2015 UPDATE: Although the later ones can look terrible on a new fender; even though the "new" fenders are also 40 years old there was a lot of work that has to be done to a fender to finish making the multiple panels that make up the front area look good. I took a new rim over to 3 stripped-of-chrome cars and some of the rims looked OK. The newest rims of course suffer from Nissan's supplier not bothering to do basic polish work before plating the parts. Why they wouldn't polish out the tooling lines that happened when the part was formed is beyond my imagination.

On the USED scoops "To be refinished" can be dull chrome, very tiny specs or lots of work; see pics and info pages. (click on part number) Any pitting mentioned is in the surface and is not rusted through. As with all used parts and especially those where appearance matters; we try to ENHANCE pictures of defects; not lessen them. Many can be used as is and look like what many cars have on them. You can always replate them at a later time as budget allows. Chrome is difficult to present accurately; as some of the defects you wouldn't really notice unless you were sitting on the ground in front of your headlight with your face six inches away from the scoop. Even just NEW chrome isn't what people really want; it is what is called SHOW CHROME which is incredibly expensive and wonderful to look at...

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