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16031-12201 replacement


16031-12201 Carb Overflow Rallye Roadster


The carb overflow tubes route excess gas away from the hottest portion of the exhaust manifold. If the floats or float valves malfunction or fuel pressure is too high; the gas has to go somewhere. When an engine design has the exhaust and intake on the same side of the engine it is critical that the fuel dump be away from at least the upper portion of the exhaust manifold or headers. The original tubes routed it down the side of the engine. I have purchased cars and repaired cars for people that have had engine fires; it is not an economical situation; even if the fire is stopped before it takes anything other than the carbs, wiring and master cylinders.

Above are some carb overflow tubes. The one in the middle; #160-92 is the original 1500 1600 tube; used on both the front and rear carbs. These are no longer available. The other two are from another Datsun that had SU carbs. The bends are in different spots;and the angles are different; and overall path is different front and rear. The #160-D3 is a front; the #160-D4 is a rear.

You can either very carefully and patiently bend these to fit; or just cut them off in a suitable spot and clamp neoprene fuel line for the rest of the journey down. There were some that were short from the get-go; and on those a flaring tool was used to make a "bubble" on the end. Doing that I've usually tried to run them so they endup outboard of the main frame rails. If these are just cut I would suggest using two fuel line clamps. One is probably sufficient as the fuel is not under pressure; but two is better.

Shipping one or two intact would necessitate a bigger box which will cost more and may be more to ship; if you want we can just cut them off at any given point (approximate number of inches long).

I just tried to fit the original tubes on a car; they aren't that easy either!


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