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WINDOW WINDER HANDLE 68 and 69* #807-07
*Most 69's take this handle, which is attached by a screw under the trim piece. If your window regulator has a screw hole in the window handle post, this is the handle it takes. And yes it's normal for the trim piece to fall off constantly. (or at least aggravatingly frequent).Some contact cement may help but would be messy should you need to retighten the screw. Some have copied what Nissan did on some later 240Z handles and just glued a strip of seat vinyl into the recess to act as trim.

You can also take the 807-08 handle, drill a little screw hole and use it on your earlier car. It's currently a more economical handle and it is also more durable. Depending on how long your spline is on your window regulator; and how the particular 807-08is designed (they vary) it may be necessary to trim off some of the center of the handle to get the spline to "reach". We are going to keep trying to get the 807-07s for you perfectionists though.

If you order a used handle with trim you typically have to glue on trim to get it to stay.

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