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nal Valve #161-


1500/1600 SU CARB SUCTION CHAMBER PAIR #163-66-2

If you are planning a complete rebuild, it isn't complete without these. You may be able to "fix" your old carbs, a true rebuild brings ALL the parts back to serviceable condition. Thirty years of the piston going up and down with every vacuum change takes it's toll on these. The engine vacuum raising the pistons is what correctly sets the airflow and the mixture. These have sometimes been a difficult part for us to obtain.

These were removed from a brand new set of carbs from Hitachi (original manufacturer); so they will be easier to install on your carburetors then a set that has never been mounted. It was evidentally not possible for Nissan to manufacture these to such strict tolerances AND have enough slack to just be able to slap them on a set of carbs. It typically takes some work to fit them and not have the piston bind when moved through it's operating range. This usually involves sanding any resulting "shiny" spots inside the bottom edge of the dome or the mating edge of the carb throttle body with some emery paper or "crocus" cloth. It takes patience; perhaps "sanding" is too strong a word! You have to go slow and recheck constantly. Sometimes it is just a matter of how the domes are tightened down.


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