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Although almost all of the cars have been converted, originally some of the early 1600's (up to eng# R-02660; about chassis number SPL311 - 01400) had a different type rubber insulator similar to what the 1500's used. To convert to the later block pictured here, you would need to round up some long studs which would pass through these blocks and the carb base. These would either be 5/16 if you have an SAE manifold or 8mm if you have a metric manifold.

Some 1600's have had 1500 carbs installed which would necessitate the use of the 1500 insulator blocks.

When you order the 4 Carb Gasket Set #161-91x4 you get two of these half inch or so blocks with the 4 gaskets already glued to them, from Nissan. Sometime back Nissan raised the price on JUST the 4 gaskets to $84 !

This way seems a bit more economical!


Come with the gaskets already glued on

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