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The 1500 and 1600's were all supposed to leave the factory with 160-05. The float lever is hung from a pin through the lid casting itself. The 2000's use 160-06; a black plastic float with the float lever built into the top of the float. We have seen a lot of cars with the wrong type however, even in the early 70s. We are guessing some carbs were just assembled improperly in Japan. Later owners could have switched things around as well. Be sure to check both your carbs before ordering, we've seen more than one car with one of each type. It doesn't really matter as long as all the related parts match. (see INFO link below)

The new style black polymer (plastic) 160-05 circa 1995 is a direct replacement for the old style brass unit whose design dates back to the early 1900s!

Please see Float, Float Valve and Float Lid INFO for more information.


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