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The 160-03 1600 Carburetors will work on all 1965-1969 1600's.

The 1970 used a different carburetor, that had some extra ports with fittings for hoses that went to a solenoid valve mounted on the intake manifold in between the carburetors. This valve was designed to let air into the system under certain situations, so the idle didn't return to normal right away.

These carburetors do not have those ports, and it would be expensive and possibly impossible to modify them to be like 1970 carburetors.

These carburetors will work on a 1970 only if the smog system is not being used. It may be illegal to install these on a 1970 model roadster.

These carburetors are of newer production than the originals and were used on other Nissan high performance models. To make them identical to the roadster carburetors the piece that your link sockets attach to had to be installed. Due to the amount of these we have sold we have exhausted the new supply of the little link piece, so that piece comes off of the core carburetors that are returned. The fact that it is a used part does not otherwise affect the operation of the carburetor. We have also used all of the new 65-67 straight inlet tubes, so that piece will also come from a used set of carbs. Again, it is an item that does not affect operation. If you have a later car, the carbs will come with a new inlet bolt and filter, you will be attaching your old "T" fitting to the front carb and your old return valve assembly to the rear carb. Be sure to not reuse your old aluminum washers, new ones are included.

Core charge is refundable if we receive your old carbs back within 30 days and they are complete and not damaged beyond repair, i.e. cracked or unuseable from sitting so long the aluminum has started to break down.

Carbs come with new throttle springs.


Carburetor Insulator Block and Gaskets #161-87
Carburetor to Air Cleaner Gasket #165-17
Carburetor Connecting Link Rod #163-18



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