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1600 INTAKE MANIFOLD 1965-69 #140-36

Later style, can be used with stock 38mm SUs or the larger 46mm 4-bolt SUs found on the 2000 roadster. To do this you also need the interconnecting linkage piece for the 46mm carbs, and will have to have it shortened a bit. Typically the bore holes in the manifold are enlarged (tapered) to match the carbs. It will also be necessary to make a new inside plate to our air cleaner, or use separate air cleaners. The original air cleaner is a high capacity unit and should be retained if at all possible.

Although this manifold will fit on a 1970 1600, it lakes the center mounting and ports for the emission valve that 70s came with. Only non-USA 70s came with this manifold.

This manifold has METRIC threads, so you will have to locate these if using these to replace a manifold that originally came on an engine # lower than R-40000.

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