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Use any information or opinions on this website; or provided by mail, fax, email or over the phone AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I'm just a guy that has fixed a few of these cars and learned what I could over the decades. For all you know; the way I fixed them and my advice is WRONG and DANGEROUS. I have no way of knowing that you are going to lie under your car with only the TIP-OVER-EVERY-TIME-FACTORY-JACK holding up the car; or that you feel there is no problem holding a "drop cord" light while you remove the fuel sender in your gas tank; or are going to remove your lower A-frame without first clamping the suspension together or taking some other precautions to prevent your injury or death.
Grab some general automotive textbooks and go through the safety chapters; I still do now and then just to make sure it's all in the front of my memory banks. A general auto textbook is a GREAT BEGINNING if you plan on doing things to your car. It is amazing to me how many people ignore or don't care to know basic safety rules; including using eye and ear protection. Don't feel insulted if I say or write something you already know as I'm speaking to a wide audience. On the other hand; don't be shocked if I DON'T KNOW SOMETHING I "SHOULD" as well; I'm just a backyard mechanic as well. Big backyard; but a backyard nevertheless.

I have kept my fingers and eyes and survived by going slow and asking questions when needed. I have been fortunate in meeting many mechanics who were open and friendly and showed me the courtesy of talking at me instead of down to me. I've always tried to continue that in my life.

It takes the most boorish kind of behavior to buy something from someone and expect someone else to help you with your problem. Sometimes in the past I have let this slide; but as I get closer to the last roadster ride; I typically don't; so don't be offended.

The other side of the coin is my mission to go to the wall with you in solving something that comes up after a sale.

OK; I'm off my soapbox now.


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