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First thing to know is the jack that the roadsters came with are for ornamental use only. The 68-70 version is even worse than the earlier type. To be kind; they are "unstable". To be blunt they are dangerous. How many times did I work on a car that had had the front end dropped with no tire on it? How many times did someone call us for a used door when theirs developed a puncture wound from the jack? Too many to count.

If you look at the 68-70 jack base (also used as the spare tire hold down plate) on most you can see the shape that "holds" the stand is deformed (picture below). This is from the jack falling over. I looked at a dozen today and found one that was not. It doesn't matter as that side is DOWN and never visible when fulfilling its more common task; holding down the spare tire.

Almost every jack we sell has one of these deformed plates included with it and every jack we sell has a tag that says DO NOT LIFT THE CAR WITH THIS DEVICE. To order one of these we even need a statement from you acknowledging you are aware of this; if not a full-blown liability waiver. People like to finish out their trunks; so we sell these. If you want to lift your car; carry a "screw" jack

Any right sized pipe or lug wrench can be used as a jack handle. The original's are unique and hard to find; especially with an intact rubber button cap. Originally the cap and it's attaching rubber was about 2-3 inches long. Some just have the 3/4" end cap still on them.The tire clamp wingbolt is also hard to find with an intact rubber cap as well. Even the new ones we sometimes get have caps that are so old they are kind of loose. A little glue can fix that.

The original lug wrench was actually part of the factory tool kit. I have listed it here as it is a related part.

All pieces have some degree of corrosion/oxidation (rust) on them. The ones that are PREMO and the ones that are RUSTED UP; the two extremes; would be listed separately with a DU part number and picture. We might subsititute a REALLY REALLY nice more expensive piece without telling you; but woult NOT sub a part we consider too far rusted. All these parts live their lifes in the trunk of the car; (some GROSS!)

These parts are offered in a number of different ways or packages.

All middle of the road condition; you sand-blast and/or paint or polish to whatever condition you want.

Stock levels vary tremendously; some of these combos we will have on a given day some we will not.

If you want you can list more than one choice and the order of preference and we can advise you.



Jackstand, Base, "T" Wingbolt w/rubber Cover, Handle with Full Rubber End Cap, Lug Wrench (pieces as nice as we can find)




Jackstand, Base, "T" Wingbolt w/rubber Cover, Handle with partial Rubber End Cap, Lug Wrench




Jackstand, Base, "T" Wingbolt with rubber cover, Handle without Rubber Cover, Lug Wrench




Jackstand, Base, "T" Wingbolt without rubber cover, Handle without Rubber Cover, Lug Wrench




Jackstand, Base, "T" Wingbolt without rubber cover, Lug Wrench




Jackstand, Base, "T" Wingbolt without rubber cover,




"T" Wingbolt with rubber cover,




"T" Wingbolt without rubber cover,




Lug Wrench


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