Datsun Roadster Heater from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



68-70 1600 - 2000

This used unit has a nicer housing than normal. The motor works. The core; although not tested; does not have the same grungy look so many of them have. This "grungy look" is not necessarily an indicator that it IS bad but a much higher percentage of those units DO end up needing repair or a visit to the brass scale at the scrap yard. The Defroster Duct has a little tear but could be patched with a bicycle tire patch; it isn't rotten; must have been replaced at one time.

Delivery "size weight" (dimensional weight) is 17 pounds which is what the box is billed at.

True weight is also 17 pounds so nothing can be added for zero change in shipping. It is still cheaper per item to plan your orders together; but in this case you can't sneak anything extra into the box for free!

Estimating info on the Delivery Cost USA here. We can be more precise (but STILL AN ESTIMATE) when you email your name, address etc.

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Datsun SPL311 SRL311 Heater from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.