SRL 311 Engine Block from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



w/crack #DU11-33
In the old days we would just send a cracked block to the melting pot. This has what appears to be a crack due to freezing. Amazing how close it happened to a "freeze" plug. Do freeze plugs EVER work?

Before this goes to the shredder we'll leave it on the website for awhile to see if someone wants to have it repaired.

It was running .020 pistons. It is an empty block and comes only with main bearing caps.

This piece has no warranty. It is being offered as a boat anchor.

The item itself is "free"; but it will cost $35 to have our truck pick it up from where it is stored and deliver it to a meeting spot.

If you want to do this; send a check for $35 and we will set up a time within 10 days to get the block, the truck and you in the same place.

Unless you have a pickup truck with a tailgate about the same height as ours; bring your two biggest, steroid stuffed friends to put this in your car trunk or SUV. Nobody here wants to get shorter dead lifting this thing and holding it in front of them. Without a tailgate equipped pickup truck; offloading is YOUR responsibility. Rocking/sliding it from one tailgate to another usually isn't much of a problem. If I had paid more attention to this when I was thirty I might be making less of those involuntary groaning sounds I now hear.


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Datsun 2000 Engine Block from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.