Datsun SRL311 Cylinder Head from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.




Head has about .032" crown to take out of top middle. This head is a perfect candidate for heat straightening to reduce amount of metal needing to be removed to level the faces. EXTREMELY rare. Cutter should be stopped before it reaches the ends of the head; so the area under the end towers are only skimmed. This will all need to be done by a competent shop in combination with realigning towers (align boring if necessary), straightening and surface milling.

Since towers will need to be removed to shim them; and to possibly machine very slightly after oven straightening; you can use your old head's towers or we can provide another set for $80. For some reason decades ago the caps were removed and lost. This was pulled from a very long term storage area; and was obviously stored a long time before that as it is dirtier than usual and a fair amount of bugs once used it as a temporary domicile. Any studs that are left are rusty or bent or otherwise UGLY.

When head gasket blew on this car due to the warpage; it burned very slight tracks from combustion chamber 2 to combustion chamber 3. I'm guessing whoever dealt with this originally wasn't aware that this is situation is somewhat common and is easy to fix by "heliarcing" and then resurfacing head. (Nissan dealers almost always just threw on a new head) Again; you only want to surface down the minor weld so head is flat; only the slightest skimming of the head surface should be done; as this should be done after oven straightening.

Bottom has about .032" warp.

Average thickness at front of head is 4.529"

Average thickness of rear of head is 4.529"

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