Datsun Roadster Antenna from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

There were a few different styles; Hitachi and Toshiba provided them. They look very close to each other.

#DU273-06 - - (some sample pics)


These come in varying conditions but we grade them as all useable if they are operating as intended and all the visible topside parts are there. Some will have both pieces of the lower bracketing or only one piece of it or none of it. It wouldn't be too difficult to fab up a simple strap to hold it in place. and in most cases it or they still reside behind your left front tire. If the antenna stalk has the small lower bracket but the bolt is broken off that is not charged for; you can either get the bolt out or not use it. We check all of them to make sure they slide up and down and lock.

The "key" is sold separately as the original keys are hard to find and they really aren't necessary as a tiny pointed tool; or a "hair pin" or tiny screwdriver also work. The "key" has two projections to spread the load out pushing the spring mechanism in. In the past I've made a couple for myself with a cutting wheel on a "dremel" tool and a guitar pick or small piece of metal. The keys when we find them are classified either as "OK"; they work and don't look repulsive; or a "C" quality part; they work but they are corroded or rusted. Usually these live in the bottom of a console or ashtray; or under a car seat.

When getting these to pop up; don't get too close to them. Sometimes you have to look closely at the slot where the release is but do it from the side not "over" it as I've seen some of these just bump up half an inch and some fly up 8 inches FAST.

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