Datsun 1600 Parts from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.

4 Hole Thermo Housing Cover #214-19U

66-70 1600 with "2-bolt Thermo Tower"

dThese plates are those we have removed from cylinder heads they have undergone no operational tests. You may need to surface the bottom to make them perfect but a gasket or some form-a-gasket usually does the trick. The front small vent pipe is still intact. Make sure you use as flexible as possible rubber tube. I've seen out of tune engines jerk these hoses 2 inches left and right. No piece of brass is designed for repeated bending forces.

The area where the cap rides "feels" normal but that and the cap "hooks" sometimes have to be meticiously, gently tweaked for best seal. If that is the only problem you can also consider buying one of the friendly price 3-hole plates; cutting off the cap stand and having it brazed on to your 4-plate lid.

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SPL311 1600 4-Hole Thermo Housing Top Plate from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.