Datsun SRL311 Camshaft from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.



Suggest Reading the Used and Reground Cam Info page
before looking at these specs; (Original Specs are Meaningless)

All degree specs on this page are rated at .05" Lobe Lift

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This is NOT a cam for someone unfamiliar with camshaft geometry and how to deal with it.

(similar to Solex II "C" Cam)
This cam was done by many years ago and stored. On the end is stamped "25510" (but by who?). Nissan part number for the Solex "C" cam was 13001-25510. I do not know if this is/was an original Solex II cam or not as I don't know its history.

Ran this on a cam profiler and lobe lift was .334". Duration; measured at .05" Cam Lift; was 248 degrees Intake and 238 degrees Exhaust. Has a dowel hole in the forward end; probably for use with some kind of a modified cam gear that could be adjusted to alter valve timing. It seems like the cams cut on the Nissan Motorsports blanks all had a much bigger location hole for the dowel.

It's hard to know the possibilities around the early life of this cam. My memory is that the "C" cam was cut from a blank and therefore had uniform 33mm (1.300") diameter. This may have been cut on a typical Solex "B" cam; since it also has a "B" on the rear end. Base circles vary front to back so I am guessing this might have been run then recut. Front to back I'm coming up with 1.220" then 1217, 1220, 1220, 1215, 1218, 1218, 1210; so this shouldn't be installed by someone unfamilar with cam geometry.

Please keep in mind that measuring a cam by hand without a suitable jig is kind of like measuring a rock; slight twist of the wrist gives completely different readings; but this at least shows a range.


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