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The 65-67 1500/1600 do not share the same design wiper pivots as the 67.5 1600/2000.The earlier cars use a pivot that has a shorter; rounded off connecting link. The 67.5 has a connecting link that is squared off. The big difference is the difference in length. I have never tried switching the pivots, connecting links and drive arms from one car to another; that MAY work if all matching parts are kept together.

The pivots themselves are not designed to be removed from the connecting links; (the little bars that are 2.7 or 2.85 inches long) but could be by someone qualified and patient enough. The retaining metal would have to be ground off and then your old one would have to be probably brazed on. Then you could use a 65-67 pivot on a 67.5 and vice versa.

Pivots can be hard to find in any condition. We list parts in all kinds of conditions. What is one person's garbage is another persons work in progress. It can be very difficult to remove these successfully from a car. Sometimes cutting the nut off is required. The bond that develops between the nut and the housing I wish I could patent.

It also can be difficult to deal with the little snap rings that hold the pivot connecting link arms to the wiper motor linkage arms; so when possible we leave those connected and sell them with the arms. Unfortunately there is a right and a left arm so you may have to remove the arm and reinstall your old one anyway if you want that particular pivot. As with the pivots (when they have the little connecting link on them); the arms come in 65-67 and 67.5 styles. The right side arm attaches directly to the wiper motor. The left side arm attaches to yet another 2-3" link which attaches to the wiper motor.

Now what's WEIRD about all of this is that I have seen cases where the pivots with the 2.125" long arm are attached to the 65-67 long motor arms and the shorter 2" arms on the 67.5 long motor arms; or even mixed. Previous owner/mechanic goofs? Or does this difference in length matter? I would think there would be some problem but who knows.

Datsun Roadster Wiper Motor Arm and Pivot InfoLEFT

Datsun Roadster Wiper Pivot & Motor Arm InfoRIGHT

Any wiper arms that are attached are left on to hopefully make it easier to repair your car on the chance you happen to pick a pivot that has an arm that matches the position ( LH RH ) and year; but they are not guaranteed to be in the correct shape or the correct SIDE; I have seen too many cars that are goofed up in one way or another but will hope by just leaving the arm on that it is a help to you.

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SPL310 - SPL311 - SRL311 65-67.5 WIPER PIVOT info from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.