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The 1500's only came with a small o-ring which acted to reduce the oil flow down the guide. It was inexpensive but rather ineffective compared to a "modern" seal. I believe the early 1600 valve seals, #132-32 were planned for use on the 1500. I have been told that some late 1500's had valve guides and these seals, but I've seen some pretty late engines without them so I can't say for sure. As you will find out in learning about roadsters that much of the "knowledge" that exists is based more on "Yeah, I've seen that" than from any concrete written evidence from Nissan or the "official" parts book! Look at the bright side...with the cars produced in such low amounts, even for Nissan, you can say "Yes, some of the late 69 2000's that went to Idaho came in Lavender with the Yellow Interior!" Who can definitely prove you wrong? Not me!

The later1500 iron head "looks" like it has guides but if you look closely you can see the upward projection that holds the valve is all one piece, and not separate with a wire retainer as shown on the 1600 valve seal page. The separate valve guides measure .563 in diameter so if you want to try to use the #132-32 valve seal you'd have to have the projections turned down as they are usually .580. The valve seals have to be pushed on with a little force, but you should be able to do it with your hands or a GENTLE tap. The later 1500 heads have 11042-32201 cast into their top surface. The 1500 engine gasket sets come with only the o-rings, you would need to order the valve seals separately if you want to do the work to make them work on your head.

Early 1500 heads, ("32200" cast into top) have completely different machining done to the valve hole area. The projection that helps hold the valve is only .495" in diameter, which prevents using the #132-32 seal even with modification. The standard o-ring is the only seal Nissan made for that head.


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