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Used Datsun Roadster Teardrop
Front Marker Light Info

Short version: Most used teardrop lights are horrible, disgusting, ghastly! (but repairable...)

Long Version: After 40 years; most of the used teardrop units have suffered from moisture and dirt from living their lives with no protective boot on their backsides; under the fender. It is getting rare to find one in good condition. Most can be restored. There are two primary problems. The sockets tend to rust up just from the condensation under the lense. Some just cause the bulb to stick in place; some completely disintegrate. Second problem is the mounting studs are fragile and can snap off during removal.

The sockets can be reworked or replaced by someone with the necessary skills. Some of the internal pieces are found in other roadster lamps and many other Datsuns and Japanese cars of the era.

Unless we can remove the bulb easily and see everything is in order; and describe it as such; ASSUME THE SOCKET IS BAD or will be bad. I've had too many of these where I"ve had to dig the bulb out in pieces to think otherwise.

If the posts are gone; you can drill the stud out and use stainless steel screws and nuts to mount the lamp to the car. Small rubber washers to help seal the unit would also be good.

IF we do find one that is great we will list it as such; but we have found with all the used parts we sell it is better to describe the parts at their worst. It isn't worth selling something and having someone unhappy. A decade ago we just dealt with restoring cars; now we are arriving at a point where "part restoration" is becoming necessary.

Assume the wires are as hard as stone (they usually are) and/or need to be replaced and/or reattached.

Lenses vary from clear to slight crazing (small lines in surface..."crackles"!) to heavy crazing. Sometimes the lenses fade as well; but these original lenses are remarkably durable.

The lamps come with or without the inner lense gasket or the outer "to-fender" gasket. The inner lense gasket can be replaced by a narrow bead of silicone. The outer one you'd have to make. Even if the gasket(s) are there they may be hard as stone.

Originally there was a left and right outer gasket. Nissan also manufactured some gaskets that were universal. There is barely a difference between the original right and left gaskets; we use both as just gaskets neither left or right. The lamps we do not sell as left or right either.

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