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Used knobs do not come with screws unless by chance the switch was bad as the screw stays with the switch.

Any of the 68-70 knobs that are held on by a clamping screw are interchangeable. The 67 1/2's have a different shape then the later knobs. The 68-69 knobs have a word description on them while the true 70 knobs usually have a drawing. If the listing shows all the 68-70 codes or shows "68-70" that knob was originally the same for all three years. In some cases there are some "option" knobs listed. These were not optional original knobs, they are current knobs that Nissan manufactures that are not correct but are more economical and/or available. For instance, Nissan superceded the 67.5-69 throttle knobs by the 70 style knobs in the 70s.

There are two different screws that are used on Nissan knobs. So many of the switches and cables have had the wrong screw put in them it may be difficult to use the correct screw anymore.

Used Knobs are useable as they are. These are not restored knobs, you would have to shine them up and repaint letters as necessary. You have to bring up your modeling skills you had as a kid to get paint in those tiny lines! They would not be broken, but it is not uncommon to see surface stress lines in old knobs. To us a "cracked" knob is different then one with "stress" lines. In our version of definition semantics, when a knob is cracked you can make the two pieces move, as if it is about to break. If knob does not meet this description, if you ship it back within 3 days the part is 100% refundable for the cost of the part (not the shipping). And don't hesitate to drop us an email if you have questions about used parts, or ask for a picture.

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