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As a rule knobs come without the attaching screw unless we happen to have received them with screws, which isn't usually the case.

Any of the 68-70 knobs that are just held on by a clamping screw are interchangeable. (Some also screw on the plunger shaft in addition to being held by a screw) The 67 1/2's have a different shape then the later knobs. The 68-69 knobs have a word description on them while the true 70 knobs usually have a drawing. If the listing shows all the 68-70 codes or shows "68-70" that knob was originally the same for all three years. (You can use the 68-69 knobs on the 70's and vice versa) In some cases there are some "option" knobs listed. These were not optional original knobs, they are other knobs that Nissan manufactures that are not correct but are more economical and/or available. For example; the 67.5-69 knobs were superceded by Nissan by the 70 knobs in the late 70s. In some cases you have the choice of the original knob, another model year's knob or an option knob. We're trying to keep all possiblities available but supplys are getting tighter. I don't know why, it's only been 45 years since the last roadster rolled off the assembly line!

OLD STYLE KNOBS WITH NEW STYLE CABLES (that have the push on and twist knobs).

If you have a new style cable which has a cross pin or a hole for a cross pin in the end the slide on and clamp in place with a tiny screw WILL NOT FIT. I have heard of people MAKING them fit; but not without some degree of modification to the new style cable

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