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We can have hubcaps in all conditions; from dented; rechromed to better than new; and everything in between. It is very hard to photograph chrome condition. Glare and reflection makes any good piece look weird. We typically try to highlight flaws;sometimes flaws aren't even noticeable when the part is on the car. The part can look passable; or good; or great on the car depending on the condition you choose. The problem with selling these is people hold them up to their face and critique them. Our pledge is be as accurate as possible with descriptions and photos of all our used parts. We attempt to be objective at each valuation but in reality; in the end they are subjective. I can stare at one for 5 minutes or just glance at it and get the same results sometimes.

Some could be put in more than one category; if they do we try to classify them as the lowest cost condition; or it will be mentioned in the description and sometimes is visible in the picture.

A. Like New:
Nissan chrome on the hubcaps was pretty good; but not perfect. The hubcap would probably have had to have been rechromed to look "Like New" or been extremely well cared for. When removing the hubcaps many people just pry on them with the lug wrench and let them hit the ground. This gives the more typical scratched surface we see.

B. As Good As We Get:
These would have no dents, no gouges; they could have VERY small scratches and or just the start of pits; as all 40-50 year old chrome does. They would be SHINY.

C. Good Condition: may have scratches, or just small infrequent pits; but overall when you look at it is a nice hubcap.

D. Lots of Pits: tiny pits; but a lot of them on the surface. Not so bad as to warrant the next category; which is much more noticeable.

E. Bad Pitting:
Pits that are clustered together to be noticeable; or pits that may be chrome starting to peel or just an overall sensation of "time to chrome this thing..."

F. Gouged Has a scratch(es) that are much deeper than normally. Not a dent per se; but something that will take some work when rechroming to go away.

G. Dinged
Would have tiny dent(s) that looks like it was made with something the size of a felt pen tip (if made of steel) or smaller. Even a ding can distort the reflection

H. Dented:
These would include all dents above what we describe as a ding which on a hubcap would be something that looks like it was made with something the size of a felt pen tip. Even a ding can distort the reflection; dents more so. If you just want something to cover the wheel right now; with thoughts of restoring it later; these are an option.

We also judge the hubcaps for the severity and number of scratches; surface dullness; note amount of rust pitting if any in chrome; note any scratches that are actually gouges not scratches; and any dents. It is typical even on nice hubcaps to have the backside adorned with surface rust. We will note the severity of this as well. Best fix for that is to wire brush as much off as possible; and paint with a rust-stopping paint.

Price for Each Hubcap:

Below are typical examples of prices for the various conditions. Check the Used Chrome and Stainless page for links to pictures of individual hubcaps and exact prices. We can be behind on getting pics up.


$ 135


$ 100


$ 67


$ 45


$ 32


$ 23

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