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LISTED PRICE includes delivery in '48 states.

Add 9.5% Sales Tax (Washington State Only)

Many of the problems may not be as apparent when grill is mounted on a car, (unless you are sitting on the ground looking at it). It is difficult to show the true condition of chrome parts, in some cases the pictures have been adjusted to try to show the damage clearly when it may not be that clear when on the car. When you remove them and then stare at them in your hands; that's when things become more "visible"; especially when holding them at some weird angle you'd never see with the grill mounted on the car unless it was up on a hoist or you were standing on your head! We try to be pretty nit-picky on describing these grills to avoid anyone being surprised and unhappy.

Keep in mind some of the pictures showing a ding are REALLY ENLARGED so you have to keep that part of the grill in perspective when you look at the ding.

All roadster grills fit all cars (1500/1600/2000) . GRILL MOUNTING BRACKETS do not normally come with grills. Grills are priced and sold without the little "L" mounting brackets. These are sometimes available at the time you purchase a grill; new or used or you can fabricate a replacement. Please inquire at the same time you ask about the grill(s).

Any grill may be missing a screw; or a stud to hold the "D" on the 2000 grills. Any broken ones we try to note although we are not infallible in this as we barely have time to list them at all. Many times it is irrelevent as there as a scad load of screws on the back of the grills.

So many of them have some sort of ding where the grill guard(s) were pushed back into the grill or the hood was opened too far (because the post missing or disconnected).

We sometimes have new replacement stainless steel grill back plates; inquire as necessary; thanks.



The GOOD: In 1976 or so Nissan was selling the 2000 Grills at a special price of $10, YES $10. I was selling them for $35; about half of "retail" but still thought I was a BANDIT. We bought pallets of them they filled our house; under the couch, under the beds and after adding yet ANOTHER storage unit jammed into it.

The BAD: We sold them over time; a lot of time. If you had told me then I'd be doing this 40 years later or that the cars and roadster people would be around 40 years later I would have laughed in your face. How could I know I had created a monster that would never let me alone; never let me rest... I didn't wise up and see what was happening until 11,000 people bought our old black catalog; we sent it out and the phone company told us we were responsible for bringing the 847 prefix to its virtual knees. All these years later I'm still the just same guy fooling around with cars in the garage.

Even if I'd wanted to save them for posterity; still had to pay the current bills for teeny house; wife's college; new daughter etc etc etc. Everybody looks back and wonders why they let that perfect roadster or Corvette or vintage bike slip through their fingers but "forgets" that at the time the money was needed elsewhere.

The UGLY: In the late 80s Nissan Japan paid to have these remade. Paid a LOT. They were to retail for $1400 and our cost including shipping would be about $950. I had no idea; I had earlier agreed to order them on a non cancellable basis. We thought they would be a little more than the then usual $85 price; I had no idea they would later remake them. We got a nice suprise that some came a couple of years later; but surprise quickly turned to horror at the bill with shipping. It took us FOREVER to sell them; even at about cost plus shipping plus 5-10%. They mainly went to insurance companies who HAD to buy them; a couple of them giving me a verbal reaming over the price. Last year I saw someone advertising a NOS grill for sale for $2495.00.


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