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Datsun Roadster Console Harness Info 1968

In addition to the 4 multi-wire plugs (or 5 on the 69-70) there are 5 individual wires.

The blue wire should have a female "bullet" connector. It should have a plastic cover like the two terminals on the left above have; or it should be protected by electrical tape. This wire goes to the radio. In between the radio and this blue wire is a short section of wire with an inline fuse.

The blue w/white stripe wire that has the heavy black covering and the rubber cap over the terminal goes to the cigarette lighter. The red w/blue stripe map lamp wire is tapped off of the cigarette wire

The black and yellow w/blue stripe wires on the far left have female "spade" (flat) connectors. They go to the brake switch on the console that is used to check the brake safety light in the dash. Every other car on the planet uses the parking brake lever to do this. Only the roadster uses a SEPARATE switch to check the bulb. Seems silly; but how many people know that if your parking brake light ever comes on with the parking brake lever "off" that it means you have a brake leak somewhere? So after we all stop laughing; maybe the switch is not that bad of an idea!

ANY USED HARNESS of any kind may need the wrapping tape redone in a short section due to age; or a plastic protector cap installed on a terminal or a terminal or section of wire wrapped for protection.

When a used console harness is sold under the 240-12U; or 240-13U part number it means that all terminals are visually there. The DU24xx part numbers are for harnesses that have at least one terminal that needs to be replaced; and will be described in the listing. (It is very common for the wire that runs back to the lighter and map lamp to be cut off or damaged).

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