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Choke Cable Info
Part number for the original style cable will end in "-O". In Japan a newer style cable is being produced that is economical but differs in that it comes with a pin-on knob that has a different shape then the original. (Part number ends in "N"). Otherwise it is a direct replacement part. Some people have managed to thread this type to take a screw-on knob but it takes an extremely small jewelers tap to do this. To remove the knob on the new style cable you push in and turn clockwise about 1/4 turn. (At one time we had some that instead turned to the left to remove knob !) The original cable assembly for the 65-67 1/2 cars were designed so that as you pulled out the knob there were "click-stops" to hold the cable. The original cables for the 68-70 were designed so you twist the knob to the right to hold the cable out. The new style cables have neither of these features. Actually you're far better off to use the choke just as little as possible to get the car to where it will stumble along and warm up, as the excess fuel just compounds the wear problems of a cold engine. (Washes oil away).

When the 1500 cables are no longer available you can also use the newer style 1600 cables by using just one of the cable runs; the other one can be strapped against the firewall. You may have to shorten the housing to have enough length of the inner cable extending out.

Hand Throttle Info
Cables come without knobs, order those as necessary. Originally most 68-70 cars came with a hand throttle cable that was mounted below the headlight switch on the left side of the dash. Nissan provided an option to this arrangement later, to switch the position of the choke and hand throttle cables. This allows a much shorter hand throttle cable, and also positions the choke so it can be modulated easier on cold mornings, mounting it below the headlight switch instead of in the radio console. It also places the hand throttle in a safer position, so you can't grab it in the dark reaching for the lights or wipers! Now the shorter option cable is the only one available. Prices for used long cables are on the USED CABLES page.

The part number for the 68-70 cable will either end in "L" or "S" to signify the long or shorter cable.

The purpose of the hand throttle is for warming up the car in cold climates, and can also be used for the "off-stop" carburetor linkage adjustment during tuneup. It is not intended to be used as a cruise control as it has no provision for releasing during braking or shifting.

Tachometer Cable Info
Sometime in the 90s Nissan began using an "improved" cable design. The inner shaft is the same but the outer covering (housing) is much more durable. This is to help cut down on housing fractures that can lead to inner cable breakage. OK nice idea; but in the roadster's case the cable has to wind around in the dash and this newer style housing can make it a patience-breaker! One of the worst places is right near the gauge; they also added a longer aluminum protector that in some cars would be a big help but in a car where the cable comes straight out of the gauge it is a pain in the b***. A lot of people just trim these off which can be done if you are careful.

If you have a still-good housing you can get a tach cable and just clean and lube your old housing and slide in the inner cable and not even use the new-style housing.

Sometimes we find old style cables with the flexible outer housing. These would be described as "Old-Style" and have a "-O" at the end of the part number.

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