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EXHAUST SYSTEM INFO, 67 & 68 2000; 68 1600


20101-A3200 Datsun Roadster MUFFLER & HOOP

MUFFLER and HOOP #201-04
Original Part for 69-70 1600 - 2000

Originally the muffler on the 67 2000 and 68 1600/2000 was mounted directly under the drivers seat. Not only is this a hassle to remove and replace, it puts a heat source right next to the floor. This is made more dangerous by the rat-hair mat Nissan used as insulation. It collects departing engine oil into a nice basis for a future fire disaster.

When the 69's were designed; the exhaust was converted so that the muffler was mounted farther back, just in front of the rear axle; like the part above. The front pipe that connects to manifold, and the rear resonator are the same on all cars. The center pipe was changed, as was the muffler, which now comes attached to the axle "hoop" pipe. As long as you order the muffler and hoop, and the center pipe, you can hook up to your original pieces. The 67-68 system was eventually discontinued; replaced by the 69 style pieces.

All of the hangers remain the same on both systems.

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