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The original boot, which is "snapped" into the hole in the floor of the car; is designed to be used with an upper vinyl "dressup" boot that is glued and "pinch-ring" retained on to the shift plate.

Shown above are the 1600 (left) and 2000 (right) shift holes. Some of the 1600's already have the oblong hole. We believe this was supposed to be a production change but was not done with any consistency. However in approximately 1969 Nissan superceded both of the original boot part numbers into one part number, which is the only boot that has been available since then. A lot of cars have been modified to take the available #328-05 (2000) boot. If you have the round hole you can either elongate the hole to take the common 2000 boot or find a universal non-original boot. As the 4-spd wears you sometimes find your shifter hitting the edge of the "small" hole anyway. If you decide to elongate the hole, take a look at how much clearance your shifter has in all of the gears before you decide on elongating it forward or to the rear of the car.

One option some people are using in their round hole 68-70 1600s is the 65 1500 boot. It is just a titch smaller; but the real problem is that the hole in 68-70 is not totally round. The floor in that area has some overlapping layers of metal or tar coating which makes installation problematic. If you do decide to also use glue; you need to clean the underside of the floor where the boot will fit or the glue won't bind.


If the various components to your 1600 shifter mechanism, both inside and outside the transmission are worn, you will find it very easy to pull out the lower rubber boot and pull out or tear apart your upper vinyl boot.

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