Datsun 1500 Front Brake Cylinders

Datsun 1500 SPL310 Empty Front Wheel Cylinder


As of 2018 we have exhausted our "lifetime supply" of front wheel cylinders and they don't come very often from Japan anymore. When they do; they are more often than not very old. We have set the ones aside where we could verify the age. Sometimes you want to rebuild your cylinders but there is some sort of wear internally; ( from 50+ years of normal use.)

In some cases you will be able to buy a new empty cylinder housing. These were from cylinder assemblies that we couldn't conclusively establish an age of. When that is the case we either replace all the rubber parts and sell them as rebuilts or just sell the non rubber pieces. These will need to be cleaned completely with all the passageways blown out with air. Old brake fluid and the sometime used "brake grease" can solidfy. To my knowledge none of the 1500 style front cylinders regardless of brand have been manufactured since the 80s. (At least I haven't found any). Although the rubber in the old ones has not been stressed by pressure they have still been in a compacted state for a very long time. Price will include a fresh Nissan rubber kit (3pc) plus the sealing washer for you or your mechanic to install. Housings ARE EMPTY. No bleeder or extension fittings, piston, internal spring if present, or metal spring cup. Please order those separately as needed if your old ones are not serviceable. (Listed below).

Some cylinders came with springs some didn't. Originally there were two brands used; Tokiko and Nabco. The internal parts are supposed to be different but the kits have been used interchangeable which is not "correct" but seems to work. Most of these cylinders are of unknown brands. They are too old to be from anywhere but Japan. Some are Miyaco which is another good company. Many companies would grind off the Nabco etc. name so they couldn't get in trouble selling them; but sometimes I think they ground the cylinder so it would LOOK like they had ground off "Nabco" or "Tokiko". There are or were some other good brake product companies in Japan as well.

Before removing any of your cylinders I suggest taking some pictures of both sides of the brake backing plate. Upon reassembly; note which position has the bleeder and which position has the brake line. They are not usually interchangeable. If you look down in each hole you can see what I'm talking about.

Clean your parts with clean brake fluid and do not reuse it for anything but cleaning. Blow out passageways with compressed air (and goggles.) Typically these old cylinders will have old brake fluid residue that resembles dried honey. Reassemble with clean brake fluid or a little "brake grease" that is DESIGNED for assembling brake seals. I've always just used brake fluid; but I'm kind of stuck in the 60s.

There is another interesting tidbit I've never solved the mystery of... I've taken apart some cylinders on SOME cars and the bleeders have had a tiny ball under them like the 1600's and 2000s use on their front cylinder bleeders. Not that many but enough to make me think it was not just a mechanic doing it. The construction in the cylinder meets the bleeder sure LOOKS like it should have a ball as the cylinder has a conical depression and the bleeders are typically just flat.

(Left Up to Help You Identify Yours )

RH Foreward (Lower) 1"

LH Foreward (Lower) 1"
From Nissan

RH Rearward (Upper) 15/16"
From Nissan

LH Rearward (Upper) 1"

All Items Below are Aftermarket


DESCRIPTION (Part #s and Pics coming soon)



Piston, 1" AFT



Spring and Seat AFT



Spring Seat AFT



Bleeder for Rearward Cyls AFT



Bleeder, for Foreward Cyls AFT



Extension AFT


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SPL310 Front Brake Cylinders