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Datsun Roadster Choke Knobs

left to right:

#184-13 - #184-14 - #184-12 - #184-19

Part 184-13 is an original 68-69 knob

Part 184-14 is an original 70 knob

Part 184-12 is an original 65-67.5 knob

Part 184-14 is a 70 knob from Nissan that can be used in place of the 184-12 or 184-13. Actually all the choke knobs are interchangeable.

Note these are all designed to go on the old style ables that take a tiny screw to atttach the knob. The newer cables had knobs that you pushed and twisted counterclockwise like taking out a taillamp bulb to remove the knob. Those don't have threads in the hole in the end of the cable; just a pin. You can always tap threads in them if you are one heck of an excellent craftsman! Way beyond my ability...

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Datsun SPL311 SRL311 CHOKE KNOB from Rallye Enterprises, Ltd.