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63-67 1/2 Datsun Roadster Windshield Inner Weatherstrip Option



The original inner (around the glass) weatherstrip is a 3 piece set. There is a 51" for the bottom, a 43" piece for the top of the glass, and a 30" piece that you cut in half to make the two side pieces. The design of the original weatherstrip also requires that you cut the ends of the weatherstrip at an angle and glue them together at the corners of the windshield. If you want to save some money (or bypass the fluctuating availability problem), you can instead buy a set of 5 of the 30" pieces. You would then use two of the pieces to make the top strip and two of the pieces to make the bottom strip, making a total of 12 cuts instead of 8. This is usually done so the extra seam is in the middle of the frame. As with the normal corner cuts, weatherstrip adhesive is where the pieces are joined.


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