Datsun Roadster Jack Grommet



66-70 1600 2000

This part is located in the center front of the trunk floor and holds one end of the jack (opposite the clamp). The 1500 had its jack mounted on the left wheel well with no "second end" to hold the jack. Some of the early 1600's also had the jack mounted on the inner fender like the 1500s and do not use this grommet; so you will have to take a look at yours. So some 65 1600s may have the later style mounts on the trunk floor and some 66s may have the early style where the jack mounts fore and aft instead of left to right that most of the cars utilize. I have also seen a car that had BOTH types of jack mounts! Left over parts? Wouldn't be the first time this happened. Reproduction

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SPL311 SRL311 WIPER GROMMET SET from Rallye Roadster